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You Had Me at Pizza Spice Blends and Seasonings Set

SKU FD-58427-020-111-P

The perfect tabletop condiment for any pizza night, this assortment of tasty toppers allows you to build your own flavor profile and enhance the flavors of your favorite Italian pie. Bring more heat to your peperoni and spicy sausage. Give your combination pizza a boost of Italian seasonings. Or add Chili Parsley to your Pizza Margherita for a little spice that pairs nicely with fresh basil. There’s a topping for every pie, the choice is yours. And don’t stop at pizza. These seasonings are equally delicious on other dishes like calzones, lasagna and pasta. Or on your favorite proteins like salmon, steak, chicken and tofu.

This pizza seasoning kit includes 4 unique flavors: Onion and Garlic (0.67 oz.), Chili Parsley (0.35 oz.), Italian (1.69 oz.), and Crushed Red Pepper (0.61 oz.). Each is perfectly packaged in individual glass bottles and is ready to be served.

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