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Truffle Salt & Olive Oil Gift Set

SKU FD-57701-010-111-P

Featuring 4 flavors of cold-pressed, extra virgin, Spanish truffle oil and 2 authentic truffle salts, the Truffle Salt and Olive Oil Gift Set promises to infuse any recipe with truffle flavor. From Truffle Garlic and Truffle Rosemary to Truffle Chili and Original Truffle, this flavored olive oil makes the perfect gift for any foodie. Made with authentic truffle figments, truffle salt flavors include Rosemary Truffle Salt and Original Truffle Salt.

This set includes 4 flavors of cold-pressed, extra virgin truffle oil in glass bottles:

- Truffle Garlic Olive Oil
- Truffle Rosemary Olive Oil
- Truffle Chili Olive Oil
- Original Truffle Olive Oil,

As well as 2 flavors of authentic truffle salt in plastic test tubes:
- Rosemary Truffle Salt
- Original Truffle Salt.

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