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Sriracha Hot Sauce Variety, Set of 4

SKU FD-53256-020-111-P

Get ready to elevate your dishes and tantalize your taste buds with the hot sauce Sriracha  set! This set includes 4 flavorful hot sauces to take your meals to the next level.  Try using it on chicken, fish or any dish that needs that extra little kick of flavor. The hot chili sauce will unlock subtle flavors in all of your dishes. These delicious red hot sirarcha sauces  come in individual 1.5 oz glass bottles, perfect for sharing or can be thrown in your bag for on the go.

Set includes 4 spicy Sriracha hot sauces in individual glass bottles, 1.5 fl oz each. Flavors: Original, Green, Garlic, and Super Hot spicy Sriracha sauce

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