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The Good Hurt Fuego BBQ Rubs, Set of 7

SKU FD-62502-012-111-P

Spice up your life with these seven expertly crafted Good Hurt Grillin’ BBQ rubs. These BBQ rubs are an internationally inspired selection of seasonings that bring a deep, infused, fiery flavor to your grill. Novel TNT bundle gift packaging makes an awesome decorative addition to any BBQ or gathering. If you like it for yourself, why not gift it to someone else? This is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser—all it needs is a bow on top.

This BBQ rub gift set includes seven grilling spices in glass bottles, 1.7 oz – 2.3 oz each: Jamaican Jerk, Mexican, Montreal, Memphis, Southwest, Chipotle Lime, and Black Cajun BBQ rubs.

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