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Smokehouse Hot Sauce Sampler, Set of 10

4.5 (2)
SKU FD-53988-016-111

This hot sauce gift set from Smokehouse by Thoughtfully comes with 10 sample size glass bottles of USA hot sauce. The flavors in each hot sauce variety pack range the Scoville scale from tonsil-torchers like Mango Habanero Hot Sauce and Pineapple Mango Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce to our somewhat milder flavors like Smoky Bourbon Hot Sauce and Fire JalapeƱo Hot Sauce.

This Smokehouse set includes 10 unique flavors in individual glass bottles, 0.7 fl oz each. Flavors include Apple Whiskey, Smoky Bourbon, Ghost Pepper, Jalapeno Fuego, Garlic Herb, Extreme Habanero, Jalapeno Lime, Spicy Garlic, Mango Habanero and Bacon Cayenne.

4.5 stars

2 Reviews
  • 5.0

    Love it

    Great gift. This set gives you the option to try lots of sauces at once without having 100 larger bottles in the fridge. I think this set is perfect.

    Jan 6th 2022
  • 4.0

    This was a gift


    Nov 26th 2022