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Love You Grandma Tea Gift, Set of 90

SKU HD-61274-024-111

All hail Grandma! Celebrate your family’s matriarch with the Best Grandma Ever Tea Gift Set from Thoughtfully Gourmet. Tea bag wrappers display one of six unique, appreciative sayings to get Grandma’s day started with a smile. This tea gift set includes 90 bags of tea from Sri Lanka in six soothing flavors including Earl Grey, English Breakfast, and more.  If you’re searching for unique Christmas gifts for Grandma, or want to make her feel special on Mother’s Day, you can’t go wrong with this tea sampler from Thoughtfully Gourmet.

Tea gift set includes 90 tea bags of caffeinated, gourmet tea from Sri Lanka in six flavors including: Mint Tea, Earl Grey Tea, French Vanilla Tea, Lemon Honey Tea, Jasmine Tea, and English Breakfast Tea.

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