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Olive Oil Spray Bottle

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SKU FD-59985-024-111-P

Premium olive oil flavor with none of the mess! Preparing your favorite dishes is easier than ever with the Olive Oil Spray Bottle from Thoughtfully Gourmet. Featuring a glass olive oil sprayer and 8 fl oz of cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil from Spain, this gourmet olive oil gift set will look at home on any countertop or kitchen island. The olive oil dispenser is made of amber-colored glass to shield gourmet olive oils from harmful sunlight and oxidation, retaining their quality and taste. Use to evenly coat cooking pans, or adding subtle flavor to pastas or salads. An ideal gift for any foodie or home chef.

This olive oil gift box includes 8 fl oz of cold pressed, extra virgin Spanish olive oil in a reusable 7" x 4" glass olive oil sprayer for cooking.

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