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Rick & Morty Hot Sauce Gift Set of 4

SKU RM-56324-028-111-P

Get ready to blast off through the Universe with the RICK AND MORTY Multidimensional Sauce Set from Thoughtfully. Packed with fiery hot sauce flavors like Habanero, Jalapeño, Chipotle and Garlic Del Fuego this hot sauce sampler is a must-have in RICK AND MORTY gifts that will ignite and delight your tastebuds. Each USA hot sauce comes in a 50ml glass bottle with RICK AND MORTY artwork—the perfect hot sauce gift set for fans of the show and lovers of hot sauce.

Each set comes with four 50ml glass bottle with RICK AND MORTY artwork, flavors of:

- Chipotle
- Habanero
- Jalapeno
- Garlic

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