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Smokehouse Chicken Rubs, Set of 5


Take the guesswork out of grilled chicken seasoning with this selection of pre-mixed, original Chicken Rubs from Smokehouse by Thoughtfully. Whether it’s Black Cajun, Chipotle Lime, Italian Herb, Nashville Hot chicken or Original Poultry, this is culinary versatility with a big flavor profile and plenty of options for preparing any cut of chicken, vegetables or your favorite protein. Before cooking, cover all sides of your protein with more seasoning than you think you’ll need—with any bbq chicken rub, that’s the key to a full-flavored, perfectly realized meat dish. Vegan, Vegetarian, nut free and dairy free, each bbq chicken rub comes in a resealable 25ml glass bottle and is thoughtfully packaged that’s perfect for bringing to your next backyard bbq. A delicious, gourmet option if you are searching for bbq gift ideas or grilling gifts for men!

Includes a set of five uniquely flavored chicken rubs in 25 ml glass bottles. Flavors include:
Original Poultry
Black Cajun
Chipotle Lime
Italian Herb
Nashville Hot Chicken

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