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Smokehouse BBQ Sauce Sampler, Set of 8


Go in for the grill with this sampler set of eight signature BBQ Sauces from Smokehouse by Thoughtfully, our best-selling BBQ brand. From our foodie inspired flavors like Spicy Siracha and Tequila Pineapple to our classic recipes like Kansas City and Original Honey, this killer selection of USA BBQ sauces delivers an array of eight full-bodied, robust flavors that will elevate your favorite protein whether you’re entertaining in the kitchen or getting smokey on the grill. From buffalo wings and burgers to steak and eggs, Smokehouse BBQ sauces make everything taste better. A unique bbq gift idea if you are searching for Father’s Day Gifts, grilling gifts for men, gifts for the hostess, or gifts for clients and employees.

Includes eight uniquely flavored barbecue grilling sauces in 2oz glass bottles.

Flavors include: Smoky Bourbon, Kansas City BBQ, Bacon BBQ, Beer BBQ, St. Louis Signature, Spicy Sriracha, Original Honey BBQ and Tequila Pineapple BBQ

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