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The Good Hurt Extreme Hot Sauces - Mini Skull Bottles - Set of 9


Go in for the grill with this tonsil-torching hot sauce variety pack from The Good Hurt Fuego, the hot sauce brand that sets fire to the Scoville scale. With 9 unique USA hot sauces in reusable mini skull-shaped glass bottles, some of the flavors include Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce, Extreme JalapeƱo Hot Sauce, Cherry Bourbon Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce and Extreme Habanero Hot Sauce. Use each sauce with caution or give the collection to your foodie friends as a hot sauce gift set.

This set includes 9 mini skull-shaped glass bottles with the flavors of:

- Pineapple Mango Ghost Pepper
- Smoked Ghost Pepper
- Cherry Bourbon Ghost Pepper
- Citrus Mango Ghost Pepper
- Peach Ghost Pepper
- Original Ghost Pepper
- Carolina Reaper
- Extreme Jalapeno
- Extreme Habanero

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