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The Good Hurt Extreme Hot Sauces - Mini Skull Bottles - Set of 3

SKU FD-56876-020-111-P

Go in for the grill with this tonsil-torching hot sauce variety pack from The Good Hurt Fuego, the hot sauce brand that sets fire to the Scoville scale. With 3 extreme USA hot sauces in reusable skull-shaped glass bottles, the flavors in this 3-pack include Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce, Pineapple Mango Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce and Cherry Bourbon Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce. Use each tongue-torturing sauce with caution or give the collection to your adventurous foodie friends as a hot sauce gift set.

This set includes 3 skull-shaped glass bottles with the flavors of:

- Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce
- Pineapple Mango Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce
- Cherry Bourbon Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce

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