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Whiskey Infusion Case

$66.95$39.9840% off

The perfect gift for mixologists and cocktail lovers – this premium whiskey gift set is ideal for infusing spirits and mixing the absolute best whiskey cocktails. Each alcohol infusion kit comes in a briefcase-inspired package with a complete set of reusable tools including a copper strainer and a display-worthy decanter. Each kit also contains a curated selection of infusion ingredients like apple wood chips, cherry wood chips, roasted coffee beans and dried chili rings.

This extensive Whiskey infusion cocktail kit for the full at home bar experience includes durable and reusable collectible items – a copper strainer, whiskey decanter, decanter charm, 6 reusable ice cube stones, long copper stainless steel bar spoon, silicone ice mold, copper jigger, cloth and recipe card with infusion and cocktail recipes. Choose from 6 different wood chips, herbs and spices (including apple wood chips, cherry wood chips, hickory wood chips, chai mix, roasted coffee beans and dried chili rings) to infuse your own unique tasting whiskey. Briefcase-inspired packaging construction - nice gift presentation and storage for ingredients and accessories. No alcohol included – just add whiskey to infuse and get started.

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