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Smokehouse Smoking BBQ Woodchip Grill Set

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SKU FD-61197-008-111

Transform your BBQ into a pitmaster's paradise with the Smoking BBQ Grill Set from Smokehouse by Thoughtfully. The perfect grilling gift for men, each set comes complete with a pair of USA BBQ sauces, a collection of gourmet rubs, a variety of woodchips for smoking, and a selection of smoker accessories, including our stainless-steel smoker box, tongs, and thermometer. The Smoking BBQ Grill Set is the ultimate choice in BBQ gifts and grilling gifts for dad.

The Smokehouse Smoking BBQ Grill set includes:

3 varieties of 100% natural wood chips - 5.3 oz each:
Hickory Wood (smoky)
Apple Wood (slightly sweet)
Cherry Wood (fruity)

Stainless Steel Smoker Box
Grill Guide

2 bbq sauce flavors - 7.2 fl oz each:
Kansas City
St. Louis

6 bbq rubs - 1 oz each:
Chili Onion

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