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Smokehouse Mini Hot Sauce Sampler, Set of 6

SKU FD-58028-027-111-P

This set of USA mini hot sauce bottles has a level of spice for every dish and every palate. It’s the perfect hot sauce sampler or hot sauce gift set for anyone who loves to turn up the heat and raise the flavor bar. Each of the six flavors in these mini hot sauce bottles range the Scoville scale from tonsil-torchers like Extreme Habanero and Citrus Mango Ghost Pepper hot sauce to our milder flavors like Garlic or Chipotle Pepper.

6 Mini 20mL glass bottles of hot sauce with flavors of:
- Extreme Habanero
- Garlic
- Habanero
- Citrus Mango Ghost Pepper
- Chipotle Pepper
- Whiskey Jalapeno

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