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Smokehouse Mini BBQ Seasonings, Set of 6

SKU FD-61196-027-111-P

Go in for the grill with this sampler set of BBQ rubs and BBQ seasonings from Smokehouse by Thoughtfully, our top-selling BBQ brand and leading authority on best BBQ rubs and gifts for grillers. Inspired by some of the most popular BBQ flavors in the world, the six seasonings in this set are Mexican BBQ Rub, Cajun BBQ Rub, Caribbean BBQ Rub, Southwest BBQ Rub, Chili Salt Hot Spice and Garlic Chili Hot Spice. Neatly packaged in 25ml glass bottle this an excellent grilling gift and a sure thing in grilling gifts for men.

Six different flavors of BBQ rubs:

- Southwest
- Chili Salt
- Cajun
- Mexican
- Caribbean
- Garlic Chili

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