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Scoville Laboratory Hot Sauce Challenge

SKU FD-53216-008-111

Invite your friends over for a fun night of playing the hot sauce challenge game! These flavored hot sauces range from mild to extreme. Start with Mild Garlic with a Scoville of 493 and work your way up to Ghost Pepper with a scorching Scoville of 11,300!  The Scoville Laboratory set is beautifully designed and comes with a storage rack to make this set a  killer HOT kitchen display! A great gift idea for BBQ and hot sauce lovers.

This gourmet hot sauce set includes ten 1.7fl oz glass bottles with different flavors and a display rack. Hot sauce flavors include:

- Mild Garlic
- Sweet Jalapeno
- Bacon Cayenne
- Fiery Chipotle
- Apple Whiskey Habanero
- Ghost Pepper
- Extreme Habanero
- Habanero Heat
- Kickin' Jalapeno
- Spicy Garlic

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