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Dog Birthday Cookie Cake, Pink

SKU PT-55594-012-111

Pamper your pup and celebrate their next dog birthday with a ginger flavored dog birthday cake from Thoughtfully Pets. Each cake has a hard dog biscuit exterior and hollow interior, so you can break it into individual servings for your dog to enjoy with their other puppy dog pals or you can divide it up and save it for future treats and rewards. Perfectly fun and edible for dogs of all sizes and made with human grade ingredients, our girl dog birthday cake looks like it came from the shelves of your neighborhood bakery. Each cake is beautifully decorated with “Happy Birthday” written in puppy-friendly frosting and ensconced in colorful pink icing-like decorations.  Packaged in an eye-catching birthday gift box, this is a perfect gift for dog owners, dog birthdays, and Happy Gotcha Day!

  • Hand decorated
  • Human grade ingredients
  • Non-gmo
  • Corn free
  • Dairy free
  • Soy free
  • All breeds and sizes

This birthday cake for dogs is a pink 6 Inch round solid cookie cake with ginger-flavored hard biscuit exterior, decorated with frosting and sprinkles. 3.75 inches tall and made from human grade ingredients.

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