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Dog Birthday Cake Baking Kit


Celebrate your four-legged friend with the Dog Birthday Cake Mix and Silicone Cake Mold from Thoughtfully Pets. Perfect for all sizes and breeds of adult dogs, this cake for dogs can delight the whole puppy party, or break into smaller treats for future rewards. Delicious, peanut butter-flavored cake mix is made of quality, human-grade ingredients you’ll feel good about and your dog will love. The reusable, paw-shaped cake mold is made of durable silicone and promises years of stress-free celebration. Throw your dog the best birthday party ever with dog birthday treats from your friends at Thoughtfully Pets.

Gift set includes a paw-shaped, silicone cake mold measuring 5” x 5”, and one packet of peanut butter-flavored dog cake mix.

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